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Pet Sitting Service

Worrying about your pets while you are not at home? No worries! Our Pet Sitting Service will help you to take care of your pets.

For Dogs

Our service is a 30-minute visit to your place including dog walking, feeding, changing water, etc. Our goal is to make sure your dog(s) is in good condition and have company while they are alone at home. Your dog(s) will be taken good care of at their most comfortable place while you are away from home. Why using our service? Because you don't need to be worried about your dog(s) getting sick, or getting hurt at a kennel or expensive pet resort.


Price: $24 per visit

Additional dog charges $5 per dog

A surcharge may be applied




For cat


Unlike dogs, cats are creatures of habit and want to be home even if you are not. During the time you are out, we will come to your place one or two times a day based on your request to feed and play (if the cat is willing to play) with your lovely feline. During the visit, we will also change the water, clean up the litter box, etc.

Price: $22 per visit

Additional cat charges $5 per cat

Weekend may apply $5 surcharge

For others


Besides the dogs and cats, we are also offering service to any other pets. With your instruction, we will take care of your pets. 


Contact for special requests





Tel: 703-459-8849

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