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Dog walking service

A tired dog is a happy dog!


Pitter Pat offers 15-30 minute midday (11am-2pm) dog walk.

A midday walk for a younger dog can help with boredom, exercise, and getting that energy out. For older dogs, it can help with weight and bladder control.



Price per visit:

15 min: $16.00

20 min: $18.50

30 min: $25.00

Additional dog charges for $5 per dog.

A surcharge may be applied




Call to know more about the discount and special requests. 



Most dogs do fine with the above visit but if you have a more active breed or a dog that needs extra time we can make it a longer visit. We will discuss your needs and customize what is best for your dog at our Meet and Greet.

dog running with toy



Tel: 703-459-8849

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